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(all dates and times are subject to last minute changes so please make a final confirmation with your Sensei)


03.12.23 - Competition




Student of the year

2023 Ava Gregory

2022 Ava Yates

2021 Maisie Ireland

2020 Club Closed Due to Covid

2019 Rhianna Webber

2018 Kian Roberts

2017 Ethan Freeman

2016 Trinity Neads

2015 Abigail Fluck

 2014 Jacob Davies

 2013 Thomas Vale

 2012 Cameron Linley

 2011 Amy Bater

 2010 Cerys Jenkins

 2009 Ben James


Archive ....


25.05.21 - Club finally reopens after Covid Closure


04.12.19 - Rhianna Webber named Student of the Year 2019

22.09.19 - Black belt Grading Joanne, Kevin 3rd Dan, Siwan, Ethan Fluck 1st Dan.


28.11.18 - Kian named Student of the Year 2018

28.01.18 - WKL 06 Cowbridge Matthew Bronze Kata, Faye Bronze Kumite


25.11.17 - Ethan Freeman named Student of the Year 2017

29.10.17 - Ian Abernathy Bunkai Course Ystradgynlais

30.09.17 - Jacob Davies achieved 2nd Dan at Baglan

25.06.17 - Karate Wales Open at  Merthyr

Siwan Bronze Kata

23.04.17 - Welsh Bushi Kai Competition Neath

Jacob Bronze Kata,

Abbie Bronze Kumite

12.03.17 - WKL Event 07 Merthyr (Final)

Jacob Bronze medal for Kata and 3rd place season Kata trophy,

Ethan  1st place season Kata trophy, Silver Medal for Kumite and 2nd place season Kumite Trophy,  Joanne Bronze Kata medal, Silver Kumite and 2nd place season Kumite trophy

Matthew Bronze Kumite and 3rd place season Kumite Trophy 

29.01.17 - WKL Event 06 Barry

Jacob Silver Kata,

Abbie Bronze Kata,

Ethan Bronze Kata,

Joanne John Bronze Kata & Silver Kumite,

Matthew Bronze Fighting,

Kevin Bronze Kumite


04.12.17 - Trinity Neads named Student of the Year 2016

27.11.16 - WKL Event 05 Penarth

Ethan Gold  Kata,

Jacob Silver Kata, 

Abigail Bronze Kata,

Faye Silver Kumite,

Jacob Bronze Kumite,

Ethan Bronze Kumite

Siwan Bronze Kumite
06.11.16 - Welsh Bushi Kai Competition Cwrt Herbert 

Faye Gold team Kumite & Bronze individual Kumite, 

Jacob Silver team Kumite,

Siwan Bronze Kumite
23.10.16 - WKL Event 04 Bridgend

Matthew Gold Kumite,

Ethan Silver Kata and Bronze Kumite,

Jacob Bronze Kumite and Kata

24.09.16 - Dan Grading at Baglan

Joanne and Kevin awarded 2nd Dan,

Abbie awarded 1st Dan

18.09.16 - WKL Event 03 Merthyr

Ethan Gold Kata and Silver Kumite,

Matthew Bronze for Kata and Kumite,

Jacob Bronze for Kata and Kumite

17.07.16 - WKL Event 02 Wrexham 

Jacob Bronze Kumite,

Joanne  Gold Kumite Bronze Kata,

Ethan Fluck bronze Kata and Kumite,

Faye Phillips Silver Kumite,

Abbie Fluck Bronze Kumite,

Kevin Bronze Kumite

14.05.16 - WKL Event 01 Newport 

Ethan Fluck Bronze Kata and Kumite,

Abbie Bronze Kumite,

Joanna Bronze Kumite and Kata,

Faye Silver Kumite 

24.04.16 - WKL Event 08 (FINAL)

Jacob Kumite Silver and Kata Bronze ,

Joanne Kata Silver , Abbie and Faye Kumite Bronze,

Ethan Fluck Kata Bronze.

That gave us 5 top three finishes for the season.

Jacob 3rd place over Season for Kata

Jacob 3rd place over Season for Kumite

Abbie 3rd place over Season for Kumite

Ethan 3rd place over Season for Kata

Jo 3rd place over Season for Kata

27.03.16 - WKL Event 07 Cwrt Herbert

Jacob Silver Kata,

Faye Bronze Kumite,

Siwan Ethan Fluck, & Joanne Bronze Kata

14.02.16 - WKL Event 06 Rhondda

Jacob Silver Kumite Bronze Kata,

Abigail Silver Kumite Bronze Kata ,

Ethan Silver Kumite Bronze Kata

31.01.16  - Welsh Bushi Kai Competition 

Siwan Silver Kata,

Jacob Bronze Kumite,

Matthew Silver Kumite,

Ethan Bronze Kumite,

Faye Bronze and Abigail Bronze Team Kumite U12's


17.12.15 - Abbie Fluck named Student of the Year 2015

29.11.15 - WKL Event 05 Cowbridge

Jacob Silver Kata Bronze Kumite,

Siwan Bronze Kata,

Ethan Bronze Kata,

Abbie Bronze Kumite,

Faye Bronze Kumite

15.11.15 - St Pats Academy Competition

Abbie Bronze Kata and Kumite,

Matthew Bronze Kumite

01.11.15 - WKL Event 04  Bridgend at Life centre

Abbie Silver Kumite,

Ethan Bronze Kata

Jacob Bronze Kata,

12.07.15 - WKL 02 Wrexham

Siwan Gold Kumite,

Jacob Bronze Kumite

10.05.15 - WKL 01 Cogan

Jacob & Ethan Silver Kata,

Faye Bronze Kumite


15.12.14 - Jacob Davies named Student of the Year 2014

30.11.14 - WKL 07  Penarth

Jacob Gold Kata

08.11.14 - Dan grading

Joanne awarded 1st Dan

02.11.14 - Mark awarded 4th Dan

28.09.14 - WKL 06 Cogan

Jacob Silver for Kata.

23.03.14 - Penarth WKL

Jacob Bronze for Kata

23.02.14 - Cwrt Herbert WKL 

Jacob Silver Kumite


20.12.13 - Thomas Vale named Student of the Year 2013

03.11.13 - Natacha awarded her 4th Dan.


20.12.12 - Cameron Linley named Student of the Year 2012


20.12.11 - Amy Bater named Student of the Year 2011


20.12.10 - Cerys Jenkins named Student of the Year 2010


20.12.09 - Ben James named Student of the Year 2009



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